Drew Green


Creating value is a journey, not an outcome. Success is discovered by celebrating wins and overcoming challenges. Success grows as we free ourselves from old patterns and circumstances. Building a company is a craft. It is the harmony of analysis and empathy. Aside from working with a stellar founding team, a few more attributes are important.

Strong network effects. We think that network effects built around people and / or data can provide a long-lasting competitive advantage and hence love to invest in entrepreneurs that think similarly. Network effects can be found in many categories, from marketplaces to ed-tech, loyalty, software and consumer internet.

Bottom-up distribution. Companies can be successful with different distribution models but we are most comfortable investing in startups that have figured out a bottom-up distribution model in which consumers or loyal ambassadors and not “hired boots on the ground” do (most of) the sales work.

In addition

to becoming a co-founder and investor

A diverse backgrounds and experiences as an active entrepreneur.

Having run my own companies, we try to pass on as much of our operations knowledge to our entrepreneurs as possible.

A thesis-driven approach and drive for thought leadership.

Able to ask the right questions to inspire action, while offering great advice like a cofounder.

A Responsiveness and ability to make decisions quickly.

Understand that time is of the essence for entrepreneurs and recognize that your time is just as valuable as ours.


Having worked in the consumer internet space for almost 20 years, we are extremely resourceful with excellent contacts all across North America.